AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed – 46 x 28 inches

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AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed - 46 x 28 inches

These are 40" wide so they fit perfectly on a typical pallet! Cut the pallet to 26" and use the scrap to make the edges to hold the pad. I’ve attached a pic. Looks worth $200!

I ordered the 29 x 19" for my cat. Yes, the bed is HUGE and better suited for a dog than a cat.

My cat is part Maine Coon and, although smaller than most Maine Coons, he’s tall and long. His legs and arms frequently would dangle off his old bed. I knew I wanted something bigger and I probably overestimated, but as you can see from the pictures, he does utilize a lot of the space.

As soon as I received the bed, I washed it according to the instructions and hung it to dry. The drying took about 15 hours (overnight). There’s a fabric loop at the top of the bed for hanging. Easy peasy.

My cat is ridiculously picky, as I assume many of your cats are, and immediately distrusted it. He cried when I lifted him into the bed and hopped out right away. But within 10 minutes, he was exploring it on his own. The first night he had trouble sleeping in it and I found him napping on the couch in the morning. (Normally he spends the night in bed with us.) Despite that rocky first night, he’s been glued to it ever since. In fact, he took to this bed much faster than his last one. I had to put down his favorite blanket in the last bed to coax him into using it. This one? Not necessary.

He loves resting his head and paws on the rim. That’s his favorite part. There isn’t much padding on the bottom, but the material is soft and the rim is squishy and comfortable as a head rest. Since I leave his bed on my bed, the bottom padding isn’t a concern. I don’t know how he’d feel about it on a hard floor. It’d be excellent for a crate because the material on the bottom ‘slides’ across plastic and wood.

I’m relieved. It’s always a gamble when you buy a cat something new like a cat tree or a bed. Many cats don’t accommodate change well. I’m happy to report, though, that he snoozes in this all the time. Successful purchase!

Our dog loved this bed so much that we bought two. One stays in his crate at all times, the other one is mobile throughout the house (and on the road). In hindsight we created a monster, because he no longer wants to lay down anywhere without it and cries when we wash it. We wash this bed weekly and dry it on low heat in the dryer, even though the instructions say to air dry. We’ve never had any problems–the product is quite durable and has kept it’s shape nicely.

Our dog especially loves the raised edges of the bed and frequently sleeps with his body pressed against the edges for security. The raised edges have also helped us train him to stay on the bed when company comes over or we eat dinner, etc. because he can distinguish his boundaries.

For the price, there is no reason not to have one of these around.

Here are photos of my 35# hound mix crashing hard on this bed. It’s the largest size, so technically a size bigger than what fits her. It’s lightweight and easy to move… For me and the pup, haha!. Haven’t washed it yet, so don’t know how it holds up. I would buy again.

My little princess loves it. Very soft and snuggly, good support for her head, paws and however else she chooses to arrange herself. I have the one size smaller version too, though it was a mistake, I thought, but she likes it ever better, probably because it hugs her closer. Highly recommend for your own little princesses, or even a prince.

We use this bolster in the car. We’re frequent travelers and the dogs always accompany us. Its size (22" x 15.25") is ideal for crates, but we use the bed just as it is. The dogs appreciate the added comfort, especially the thicker raised edges for head resting. They used to be antsy in the car, but this quiets them down quickly.

The feature I like best is their fur shedding is now contained to the bed. Our car used to be a mess, but the creamy color hides shedding well. When we reach a destination, the bed is very transportable. Because the bottom has minimal padding, it can be folded up to almost nothing, carried along and the dogs can still have their familiar bed in unfamiliar surroundings–something they appreciate very much.

Because it is 100% polyester, the bed is machine washable. It easily fits into washing machines. Line drying is recommended, but it dries out very quickly, which is another plus for on-the-go adventures.

This bed is an ideal traveling accessory–think of it as a security blanket except in bed form. Our pets love it as much as the dog beds they use in our home.

I used to work at a pet store in high school and sold this bed for about $90 USD. So when I saw what "looked" like the beds I loved selling to customers, I figured there had to be a catch for why this was so cheap. NOT AT ALL! It was the exact same material and make-up as what I feel now, was totally over-charging my customers for.

Please note, this is a basic bed. If you want the fluffy huge beds that you can’t keep clean – keep on looking. I love this bed because my dog (80lb black lab) absolutely loves it and it’s sooooooo easy to keep clean. Throw it in the wash with some bleach, tumble dry and it’s like new!!!

Just a tip since I did use to sell these is that the sizes match up with the crates (NOT kennels) for dogs. Once my dog was out of her puppy phase and we used the crate as more of her "domain" to hang out in, I put one of these in there. It covers the entire floor of the crate and creates a comfier spot for her than just the plastic crate trays. In all, definitely recommend this product!

I generally like amazon basics brand for its quality and price. Although this pet bed gets 1 star because my 2.5 month old puppy Boston Terrier managed to eat a hole thru the bottom of the bedding in 15 minutes, and yes he ate it too. I checked some other manufacturers in pet store, the bottoms more reinforced. Stay away.

I thought this was a great deal at first. But after a few washings it started to fall apart. My puppy found the defects and made quick work of finishing the job.
The backing is a non woven fabric that tears and pills easily. The lining is foam and the seams don’t hold up either. I’m looking for something more durable that can withhold washing without falling apart.

This is a great bed for a dog that is used to sleeping in his own bed and doesn’t have time to himself at home ( Not my dog!). My dog loves his bed, but when he is bored, he drags it around and "eats" it. I have to sew up the sides. I can’t say how it does with washability because I haven’t gotten to that point yet. At least my dog loves it. It might be unstitched in areas right now, but he is sleeping in it :). Gotta love the BOXER

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