Camco Knife Safe – Securely Mounts on Wood or Metal Surfaces, Holds 7 Cooking and Carving Knives, Organize and Store Knives While Creating Space – (9″ x 11″) Beige (43583)

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Camco Knife Safe – Securely Mounts on Wood or Metal Surfaces, Holds 7 Cooking and Carving Knives, Organize and Store Knives While Creating Space – (9" x 11") Beige (43583) Best Price:$4.04

Camco Knife Safe - Securely Mounts on Wood or Metal Surfaces, Holds 7 Cooking and Carving Knives, Organize and Store Knives While Creating Space - (9

I purchased this for our travel trailer. I have very little storage in our trailer, so anything I can buy to help organize things is great! Plus I have little kids. So I hung this up high and now they are safe from my knifes and I don’t have to worry about it, peace of mind. Plus I was nervous having knifes just laying in the drawer in case someone reached in quick to grab something and got cut. So I decided to purchase this.
It arrived quickly and was packaged great.
It comes with two options for hanging it, it comes with screws or command strips. I didn’t want to put holes in my trailer cabinet so we choose to hang them with the command strips. It’s very secure with the strips and doesn’t move at all. I have had four heavier knifes in there for a while now. And it hasn’t moved at all. The knifes don’t move around either. They are very secure.
I am super happy with it. I might purchase two more to hang in my house so I can get my knife block off the counter. Woohoo, more counter space.
If you have an RV, this is great!

No-bul here – I bought this for the wall above my cutting board cabinet – because I was tired of reaching into the drawer for a knife – and here in Hawaii if you have a counter top knife holder – it gets full of ants and crap – and then you have to go buy some Terro – (see the no-bul review of terro) – HOWEVER – it doesn’t fit my bigger victornox knife very well and it looks just a little Jake-y on the wall. But I reviewed the price on thisand reflected on my expections for a "knife Safe" that costs less than some of the beer I buy – and will last far longer. So – 5 stars for price. 4 stars for practicality – 3 stars for longevity – and I get 1 star for putting something on the wall my wife will never be sure of……

We purchased this in 2014 for our RV that we were going to move into to live while we figured out our housing situation on our bare property. It installed easily and held a variety of knives that we needed for everyday use. When the RV was moving the knives stayed put with no problems. This is a great little organizer for sure. I believe I had a big knife, a bread knife, a paring knife, and a number of steak knives in ours.

When you live in, or are traveling in an RV space is a at a premium. Therefore, items such as these are excellent to fit items into all your nooks and crannies.

I had been searching for a way to hold my large knives in the small kitchen of my motorhome. When we travel, I bring my favorite Santoku, a bread knife and another large knife. I had considered a knife magnet, which is what I use at home (and love), but really didn’t have a good place to mount it. Enter this knife holder. It’s just a plastic rack, but it’s inexpensive and works fine. We mounted it on the back of a lower cabinet door under the sink. My husband put it up easily, although he chose to buy a slat that he cut and fit to give it lots of stability. (He likes to build things strong!) I’m still keeping small paring knives in a drawer because I had room for them, but the large knives are now going in this rack. I’m perfectly happy with it and recommend it to anyone who has a place to put it and needs this type of storage.

This is a great knife storage solution for people who have limited counter space. My kitchen doesn’t even have much in the way of wall space for a magnetic rack, so until I discovered this, knives went in a drawer with a bunch of other things–pretty bad for the knives! I’m so glad I found this thing. Now my knives are mounted inside a cupboard door, very conveniently located, and much safer both for the knives and for unsuspecting fingers.

It was easy to install. I used an electric drill to mount it with the included wood screws, which were the perfect length to mount it sturdily on the cupboard door without going all the way through. It also included little bolts with nuts (about the same size as the wood screws) and double sided foam tape as alternate mounting options. I used masking tape to hold it in place while I put the screws in.

I wasn’t sure I’d like this, or would even be able to use it, but I REALLY love it. Getting rid of my bulky Wooden Knife Block… this is worth it to free up counter space. I decided not to screw it into a cabinet door or ‘sticky-tape’ it to a wall… instead, I used clear ‘packing tape’ to tape three Neodymium (Rare Earth) magnets to the back and mounted it on the side of my fridge, so it’s removable. If I ever decide to mount it otherwise, I can. It’s flat against the fridge, knives are accessible (I don’t have kids), and it’s great. I like it so much, that I’m going to donate all of my other knives and buy a set just for this. Would buy another!
Keep away from kids, however! The only thing that would make it better is if it had a clear plastic front.. (I plan to make one for it). if there WERE kids poking around it, it IS possible to get fingers into the front of this and possibly cut them on the blades (so beware)… that is ONE good reason to mount it out of reach of tiny poking fingers.

This was a great solution to store knives out of the way and in a safe place. Knives are also protected from scratching caused by drawer storage. The product was very simple to assemble and install. Not even necessary to read instructions. Love it!

Love this! I used the included double sided sticky to attach to an upper cabinet so my kids cannot reach the knives. This is a life saver. I wish there was a few more slots and that it had another wider opening for another larger knife. I give five stars because I knew exactly what I was getting. Will probaby order another one. Im sure one day the double sided sticky will stop holding but for now its strong as can be after a month. My husband wont let me screw it in with the small screws it came with because our cabinet door is too thin.

This works well for my smaller knives and for my ceramic knives (that don’t work on my magnetic knife holder) but as many of my knives have blades that are wider than even the largest slot, it won’t work for them.
I ordered one, figuring that if it worked okay I would order more but one is sufficient.
It is very handy for the ceramic knives and I can now removed the knife holder from one of my drawers that I used only for those blades.
I can’t give it five stars because of the size limitation but it does work well for the proper sized knives.
I would like to see a larger one with more and wider slots and hope that eventually the manufacturer will produce one.

Pretty good but there is one slight issue. The depth (front to back) of the knife slots. I have some knives that have slightly thicker knife handles, so they don’t fit all the way down into the rack slot. I purchased this for my RV. I’m wondering if the knives with the thicker handles are going to vibrate out of the rack on rough roads. Other than that, it seems to be a pretty good value and functions pretty well.

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