Devoted Doggy Metal Frame Construction Pet Booster Seat with Zipper Storage Pocket, Black/Grey

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Devoted Doggy Metal Frame Construction Pet Booster Seat with Zipper Storage Pocket, Black/Grey

I have a small 13 pound Jack Russell mix that feels she has to be on my shoulders when I’m driving. She also barks and lunges at passing cars while she’s on my shoulders. Obviously this is not very safe for either of us or anyone else on the road so I decided we need a dog seat for her. After researching many of the booster seats offered on Amazon I decided on the Devoted Doggy seat. It didn’t have many reviews so I was a little wary, but the reviews it had were all very good and it looked like this was just a new product on the market and hadn’t had time to build-up a lot of reviews. When I received the seat I was very impressed. Just as described, it has a metal frame and hard bottom. It’s also made of a good quality canvas, and has a nice fleece cover that’s removable for washing. Unlike other products that use the lobster claw to connect the safety leash to the seat, the Devoted Doggy has a sturdy D ring so no accidents can occur (this was a big concern of mine after reading other products reviews about dogs that got their foot caught and injured in the lobster claw). The seat was easy to install in the car (tried it on both the front and back seat) and my dog fits perfectly in it. She also has enough room to lie down in it if she wants to. I’ve taken her for two test runs just to start getting her used to it and surprisingly she didn’t go nuts like I thought she would. While she was obviously not happy at being strapped in, she seemed comfortable and very quickly settled in. She tends to shed a LOT in the car and this was the first time I’ve taken her on a ride and not arrived home with hair all over my car! My daughter has a small dog too, and she was so impressed with how my dog took to this that she’s considering purchasing one for her dog. So far I have found nothing negative about this booster seat and highly recommend it.

My squirmy little pug is all over the place in the car; trying to climb up so he can see out he window, jumping into the foot wells, and always trying to climb into my lap while driving. Needless to say, not safe.

Since installing this little wonder, he sits calmly, as he can finally see out the windsheild and side Windows without straining. I recently took a long road trip with him, and he actually curled up and SLEPT in it for hours on end, something he would have never done in the car alone, as before, every time I braked or turned a corner he was whining and squirming all over the place.

Extra points for the little adjustable strap device which I can attach to the back of the harness, so that if I have the window down beside him, he can still occasionally hang outside of it (which he loves) without me worrying about him vaulting outside.

I can finally take my dog on car rides and relax!

Finally! Finally! Finally! Something my oh so stubborn miniature dachshund will actually STAY in. It’s just high enough to keep him from jumping out, but also having the ability to look out the window (which is the most important part, of course) Extremely happy with my purchase. HOWEVER just as a safety precaution, and working IN a veterinary clinic please use this in the BACKSEAT if you can. It easily was installed by folding down the backseat and clipping it together. I’ve seen dogs that have come in that have gone THROUGH windshields, and although this keeps your pet "clipped in" to hopefully avoid that, the force of the airbag could kill them in the front seat. Just like kids "the safest place for them is the backseat!" Happy Driving!

My little pug loves this. He is a "bad rider" and this helps him be still and behave. I open the door and tell him to get in his seat, and he hops right in! He is about 22 lbs for reference. I put this in my front seat because he whines if I put him in the back.

I usually don’t push products on Facebook, but this time I did., If you’re looking for a doggie car seat, I can save you a lot of time. I bought my first dog seat in Sweden 13 years ago, and I’ve not been able to find another good one. The one I had for my small dog needed to be replaced. I REALLY researched it, and I found this one on Amazon: "Dog Booster Car Seat by Devoted Doggy" – it is fantastic! Metal frame both on top and bottom, and lining is fastened with Velcro for easy cleaning. (In the photo it looks like it sits on the seat, but it doesn’t. There’s plenty of room under it for "stuff.") Here’s my Frannie enjoying the view.

I recently inherited a new Pomeranian who, as all dogs are prone to do, insists on accompanying us on every car ride. I was looking for a solution to prevent the new kid from ruining the leather seats and car interior. I also wanted to ensure her safety so in the event of a sudden stop she didn’t go flying (she’s a dog, not a bird) as well as keep her under control when she had to briefly stay in the car unattended.

I ordered this booster seat and it was exactly what I hoped it would be. She loves the seat as she can easily see outside and it is her own spot in the car. I love it because it has incorporated an adjustable leash that keeps her in the seat to prevent her running around the car while it is in motion or when I leave her alone for a few minutes while I go into the store. And sure enough, in a sudden stop it keeps her in place and safe.

The unit is well designed and sturdy. My only suggestion for improvement in the design would be to have a padded strap. As designed now the bare nylon strap from which the bed hangs from the head rest will eventually chafe and mar the leather seat. I solved that problem on my own by purchasing a felt seat belt shoulder pad with velcro fasteners ($4) and slipping it over the nylon strap. It solves the problem of potential long-term damage to the seat. It would be nice if such a strap pad was included even the unit cost a couple dollars more.

I would certainly buy this again and have already recommended it to several friends. I’m happy and the Pom is happy and that’s what counts.

I used a combination of this, a Puppia harness, and a Vastar seatbelt to bring my cat with me on a 3500+ mile drive. It worked!! The product itself is very well constructed. I have been bringing my kitten with me in the car since he was tiny. He’s also harness trained – both those things helped, a lot. He liked being able to sit in the seat and see while we were driving on short trips/in the beginning of the long trips. However, he didn’t w ant to sleep in it (probably because of the sun.) I ended up clipping his harness to the Vastar seatbelt 85% of the time and he slept underneath the carseat. But we made it….4 full days of driving and a lot of other trips besides!

This doggy car seat has solved a huge issue for us. Our rescue dog, Gracie, is a mini schnauzer and a senior dog. Every time we took her to the vet or to the groomer, she wanted to roam all over our SUV and laps while driving. It’s not safe for her or for us. I started looking for a solution and came across this doggy seat on Amazon. It is the perfecy size for Gracie with a little room to boot. She is 12 pounds. We’ve used it in my large SUV, my husband’s small Honda Civic, and my parents smaller Highlander SUV. It works with any of those bucket seats no matter the size. We put her harness on her and then clip the safety leash to her harness. This prevents her from being uncomfortable and also keeps her from jumping over the side. If not done correctly and if too much give is allowed, a dog could jump over the side of the seat and hang themselves by the neck. Proper leashing to the collar or a harness is important for that reason. I would recommend that an adult, not a child, be responsible for attaching the safety leash to the dog because of this.

Gracie feels comfortable in this, settles down immediately, and curls up to sleep. Best purchase for transporting her!

I am a very happy customer and so is my 6 year old, 20 lb Lhasa Apso. I bought the medium size seat and was a little concerned if it would be big enough….it is. He is happy to be sitting up high enough to see out all the windows and he doesn’t get car sick anymore. We travel back and forth from NC to Florida several time a year and it was uncomfortable and dangerous for him to be sitting on my lap all the time. This is a wonderful solution.
The travel seat is sturdy and can be adjusted in height by the strong strap that goes around the headrest. The strap that connects to his collar (or harness) lets him move around enough to sit, lie or look out the windows.Hopefully I will add a few pictures so you can see for yourself.

The seat is great for us. We have a 10 lb cockapoo named "Daisy" and she could not be happier since we installed this seat in my Jeep. Previously for trips in the car, she was closed up in a small carrier that did not secure to the vehicle well. Now she gets to sit out in the cabin buckled-in with the rest of the family.

This seat gets it right with the materials: it’s cozy with the fleece liner on the inside, and durable with the metal frame & clasps, and canvas on the outside. We haven’t had to clean it yet, but it’s nice that the liner is removable for easy washing. Also, for anyone concerned about it working in rear bench seats, that is where I have mine and it works great. As long as your bench splits to fold down, you shouldn’t have any issues.

For safety’s sake, we use this seat in conjuction with a regular harness that goes around her chest instead of attaching it directly to her collar. Which brings me to another thing I like about this seat vs. some of the others: the nylon strap that that we connect to her harness is ancored at the floor of the seat, where it meets the back. This allows me to shorten the strap sufficiently so that she can’t jump or climb out, and still provides her with enough range of movement to sit, stand or lay. Other seats have the same strap anchored at the top of the seat where enough to lay down could be enough to climb out.

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