Eco White Sky Lanterns (Pack of 10)

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Eco White Sky Lanterns (Pack of 10)

This was on time and just perfect for my sons going away Marine Corps party!! I had one for everyone at the party i had 40 people everyone made their wishes and let them go they all worked not one was faulty. I said a prayer with mine and my son and many were teary eyed. This was just beautiful and perfect for the occasion. He comes back from boot camp in 3 weeks for 10 days and in his letters he mentions how awesome the lanterns were and how he felt with all the wishes. We laughed and cried letting this lanterns take off into the night sky. Just perfect!!!! There’s a picture attached of our special night.

 I bought these based on the reviews and was definitely pleased. We let these fly in memory of my brother who committed suicide last year. I have never handled lanterns like this before but the directions and the way they were packaged made it fairly easy. It was a little tricky though to flip the lantern right side up after lighting the flame but we managed. Holding it too long will cause it to get too hot to handle so great care is needed. Also, wind is the enemy!!!!!!! Do not lit/let go when it’s windy. If you’re going to follow any suggestions on this product, then that’s definitely the one you need to listen too. Will absolutely buy again!!


I have ordered thousands of lanterns from Birando over the past several years. This year we put in an order and when we opened up the first couple lanterns we noticed the product had changed in shape. The new version of Birando lanterns were damp and covered in mold. This order had 300 lanterns and I went through each pack to find out that over 1/3 of our order was moldy and unusable. The fuel cell still worked but I didn’t like the idea of my friends and family unleashing mold spores into the air around their faces as they tried to open up each lantern. I contacted Birando and assumed maybe a got a bad box. They made it sound like it was an unknown issue. They were fairly difficult to work with in finding a solution. To meet my deadline I placed another order while I’m trying to resolve my other issue and the new box just arrived with the same problem.

Before you hand out lanterns to your group make sure to check for mold.

I wanted to update this. I received a new order to replace the bad lanterns (at my cost) and over 80% of that order had MOLD! More pictures attached.

Awesome for photography at a wedding….I’m a wedding photographer and I brought these to Jamaica for a beach reception. They were a big hit and made for grate photo/video. They are huge and take a while to fill with hot air which is a bonus for getting lots of photos before they float away.

I can see how these are a big fire hazard. Thank god we light these on a calm night on the boat in the Florida Keys. They were a major disappointment. We had 2 successfully “fly” our of 10. The fuel cells moved around on the string and some of them refused to light, and took much coercion. The 2 that worked well, the cell lit easily and got hot immediately. I’m so glad we chose to do this on the boat. We would have burned the neighborhood down if we hadn’t.

I also have worked in forestry/firefighting for about 20 years, so I really thought knowing weather, fire behavior and doing this over water would be easy. Be very careful. I couldn’t imagine if you had 50 to 100 people doing these at a wedding. No wonder they’re banned in most states.

I have purchased a number of ‘wish lanterns’ from various sources over the past few years.

The best ones have large lantern/balloon volume and include a pre-installed wax cartridge. They also shake out/open easily w/o any tears or stuck areas.

Finally, they have enough heat in the wax cartridge to easily loft the lantern after a minute or two.

The Eco Wishlantern meets all these requirements as well as being constructed of fully biodegradable materials – I have found a few in my woods months later and can barely recognize them – they are well degraded into the underbrush/soil and don’t have any metal wires sticking out.

I launched a couple of these units over the weekend in hot, dense, humid air – difficult conditions – and they flew well and long. No problems.

I purchased these for my daughters graduation party. They are very large and the trick is to have someone hold it up while the other lights all 4 corners of the ignitor. I was especially pleased that they are bio-degradeable. They made an impressive site in the night sky and along with my families laughter we could hear other children and families in the neighborhood laughing and having fun as well! I will definitily buy these again they were a huge hit. Make sure there are no fire danger warnings/ restrictions in your area before use. We also wrote a special message on each lantern before lighting.

Just buy this and follow the instructions and you will not be disappointed, especially if you launch multiple lanterns in sequence. They mean it when they say wait for calm winds. There are some safety issues related to starting a fire in the wrong place if they get caught in trees or land in dry grass, so doing this over water is preferable. I launched these in western Washington, where it is really hard (but not impossible) to burn anything, even in the summer, they floated up and over the water and it was all very beautiful, but we needed an offshore breeze to make it safe. We also tried going out in a boat, but the wind picked up a bit and blew the lantern into the water before it could rise. The calm wind is especially important when you are launching because the lantern balloon needs to fill up with hot air and expand and if there is more than a very gentle breeze, the hot air cannot accumulate in the balloon sufficient for the lantern to rise. One person holding the balloon while the other lights the "candle" seems to work best. Lots of fun, best to do on a moonless night. Your neighbors will think they are seeing UFOs, which makes it all the more fun.

Used these lamps on the beach at the end of our wedding with all of our guests! It was so special and magical watching them all rise and float away into the air together. Our guests loved them! We said that they symbolized all of our wishes, and invited them to make their own wishes for us or themselves. The photos looked awesome, too! They’re very large and take a couple people to hold/light simultaneously. They added such a romantic and ethereal element to the overall ambiance, gorgeous!!! I had also researched many options, and these were the best quality at the lowest price that I could find anywhere.

These lanterns worked perfectly! We set off to commemorate a lost loved one and it was a truly beautiful experience. I would definitely recommend looking up instructions and YouTube videos however to make sure you are adequately prepping them. I also recommend buying the 10 pack or anything more than 1 as one is always bound to have some kind of complication. Of the 6 that we set off one did not make it off the ground. I believe that was because the wind picked up however and the sides got a bit charred. I recommend not forcing it if the wind conditions aren’t right and if it’s not taking off. Just stomp out the balloon and try again later because that’s when accidents occur.

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