FurHaven Pet Hood Bed | Ultra Plush Hood Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats, Cream, One-Size

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FurHaven Pet Hood Bed | Ultra Plush Hood Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats, Cream, One-Size

First I want to say the product itself is really very pretty and soft. The issue with this product is that the photo makes it appear that a cat could actually lay in it comfortably.

We have two cats. One is nearly 14lbs and I had no expectations this bed would work for him. The other cat we have is near 6lbs and very petite.

The only thing the small cat can do is just get in and lay down. Anyone with cats knows that’s not how it works. They have to bathe and do their circles, and all the other odd things while they sleep.

Alternately I tried turning it where she could sleep in the "hood" area because by proportion it’s quite large and that doesn’t work because the walls for the hood are pretty tall for the small cat.

I have no idea why this bed is made so small. I have returned it and will make sure I don’t get taken in again by photos.

I bought this same bed many years ago and our cats LOVE it. It’s very cozy for winter, with a shearling interior. A larger cat (12-14 lbs) can fit in it if he isn’t claustrophobic. Because it zips apart, it is machine washable. That bed has been laundered about dozen times and is still in very good shape, which is not the case with most pet beds. This new bed, however, is a disgusting peach/pink color and the one I received had faux fur on both sides. It was so ugly. It also seems cheaper than the previously purchased bed. The foam inside seems of a lower quality. Hopefully future iterations improve in quality.

Of course, Bengals are Big Kitties and they need some Big Spaces (maybe they should be restricted to Texas, huh?) Anyway, I moved a new desk in and just put this plush bed on top of it before I move my computer over. Out the corner of my eye I see him studying it. Then we see him getting two front paws in it but going no further. Hmmmm, maybe he doesn’t like something about it. Along comes The Boy whom The Bengal adores. Boy looks at the Hood and asks what the zipper is all about. I told him it was so you could remove the cover to wash. Boy thought about it for a moment and unzipped it, set it up as a slipper and now Bengal couldn’t be happier. I guess there IS more than one way to skin….well, you know.

Perfect for Apple-head Chihuahua’s. I hope this one will hold up. It is completely zippered so it can be washed that was a selling point for me. So far so great…

Bought for my cats since they have one very similar that they fight over, even the dog gets in on it. They do not approve of this bed at all. I have no idea why. It sits in the corner ignored while the cats still fight over the other one.


Adorable and easy to take apart for gentle cleaning. My little five week old kitten that I have "dropper fed formula" for two weeks due to mothers not having milk absolutely loves her little cocoon, which is big for her since she is a tiny little thing. So she has room to grow in it. Time will tell about durability, so will update as needed after my first washing. Soft and plush also.

My kitty loves it. She enjoys it because she loves having her space. Also, it’s very easy to clean too.

This is my 14 yr old chihuahua just a few hours after setting it up and the little diva got in it all by herself!! She has long legs and weights 2.8lbs so you can estimate the size. I did have to put something sturdy behind it so it doesn’t tip, going to put Velcro on the bottom now that I know she likes it. Have washed 3 times and it looks brand new.

I bought this for our older cat. She started to sleep in it right away over her open cat bed. The opening for the bed is much bigger than what appears in the picture. I thought that my cat would be mostly covered per the picture. The opening is very recessed (the picture does not show this). The top of the bed starts about mid bed base.

My cat LOVES this thing, but not as a bed. I have a weird cat – I know, but even weirder. I upzip the bottom and he uses the front of the cup like a window. His favorite game ever is for me to dangle something in front. (Yes, he is extremely well supervised when he has string. I also use specific string.)When he gets really wound up, he tries to kill it with his back feet. See the pics. Other cats might not like it, though. I’ll always keep one of these around for him. The third pic is what it looks like the way he uses it – with the back unzipped.

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