Neiko 10054A 4-Inch Extra Long XZN Triple Square Spline Bit Socket Set, S2 Steel | 10-Piece Set

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Neiko 10054A 4-Inch Extra Long XZN Triple Square Spline Bit Socket Set, S2 Steel | 10-Piece Set Best Price:$20.79

Neiko 10054A 4-Inch Extra Long XZN Triple Square Spline Bit Socket Set, S2 Steel | 10-Piece Set

I bought these to work on my VW Jetta. It’s surprising how many places they used these fasteners. They’re a little long for my taste and can make some jobs a bit challenging but I haven’t yet run into a location where they’re so long that I can’t get access.

I was a little worried about the strength of these, as I’ve never heard of neiko before. My initial need for these was fairly low torque so I I figured the risk was pretty low. Then I recently had to do a brake job and the caliper carrier fasteners are not only torqued on beyond all sanity, they were also seized. The amount of force I had to put on these broke many impact rated extensions and 1 ratcheting 1/2" breaker bar, but the XZN part showed no sign of damage.

You will need these tools to do work on mid 2000 and later VW brakes, 2.5L engine eye bolts and other bolts on VW that use triple spline square bit. Don’t try hex heads or torques you will strip out the bolt and be stuck cursing. So far I’ve only had to use these bit on VW, I’m not sure of any other applications but think Peugeot in another line. A quick look at Volkswagen Automotive Group shows they either own or partnered with Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, CUPRA, Italdesign Giugiaro, Lamborghini, MAN AG, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda Auto, and VW commercial vehicles. (info via Wikipedia). So these spline might be needed as well for these cars and trucks. Get the short set as well for clearance issues.

Works great. Its a must for German cars and for the price, you can not go wrong. Compared to what Snap On wants for it (and I own the Snap On set) this set is perfect. Its held up to being used by hand and with impacts. It seems to be made of quality metals It hasn’t stripped out any heads yet. I’m sure over the years they might go out but the few times a month that I use them, I’m sure I will get my money out of them. I showed them to the guys in my shop, and they all went and bought the sets. Its worked for Porche, VW, Audi, Mercades, and BMW.

This is my second Neiko tool set. I needed to buy the longer bit set to replace the clutch on my Jetta TDI. I didn’t hesitate to buy this set as the first set (short bits) were great. They can take the torque even with my impact wrench. The bit tips are strong and won’t slip and won’t dull and won’t twist. They are exact fit to the German triple square bolt heads with no play.

I got a job at the local VW shop. I needed a set of the trip square but I did not wish to spend tool truck prices on these tools. You will not need them on every job but they are needed often. I use mine several times a week and have yet to break one. Perfect for the shade tree mechanic or a VW owner who just needs them to do a repair but dosent want to spend a ton.

Just what I needed for my seemingly never ending Audi repairs. Nice quality, right lengths for everything except the special headbolt bit.

Very good set for the price. Using it on an Audi on parts that don’t require a lot of torque, so worked nicely. One started to deform slightly with just a hand ratchet, so wouldn’t recommend for anything like head bolts or the like, but otherwise thumbs up.

The package I received contained a ‘no name’ substitute for a real Neiko tool. I am sending back the package today.

Repaired the head on 2000 vw beetle and these worked great, no breaking or stripping and able to reach down into tight spots. I’m just a dad that works in his garage so they should last a long time, hopefully i’ll never have to use them again. 🙂

i was happy i got it fast i had it shipped over night needed the part fast. cause this set is mainly used on german cars which we are getting alot theses days. we had a car sitting in the parking lot for a few days lucky it wasnt time to take it apart but as soon as i got the tool set in the car was ready. it saved me and bults i didnt destory. i bought the long set but im going to get the shorter set so i can get to the door hinges.
this is a special tool snap-on didnt understand what i was talking about. thank you amazon and neiko for selling things like this. 5 stars goes everyone.

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