ORION H30-G Green Predator Premium 273 yards Rechargeable Hog Hunting Light with Scope mount, Rail Mount, Barrel Mount, Remote Pressure Switch & Charger Kit

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ORION H30-G Green Predator Premium 273 yards Rechargeable Hog Hunting Light with Scope mount, Rail Mount, Barrel Mount, Remote Pressure Switch & Charger Kit Best Price:$129.95

ORION H30-G Green Predator Premium 273 yards Rechargeable Hog Hunting Light with Scope mount, Rail Mount, Barrel Mount, Remote Pressure Switch & Charger Kit

Couldn’t decide between this light and the brighter one. I am glad I went with this one, it is plenty bright. I can see my cross hairs very well, lights up to 150 + yards easily. I believe you would see eye shine even further than 300 yards. Mounted fairly easy to my scope. Time to kill those coyotes.

Update. … have used it hunting now. Works great. I have had eyeshine at 500 yds with this light. Will reflect signs at a half mile. Love this light,

My review, didn’t receive any compensation for a positive review.. I have four of these lights, three green, one red, because 99% of my shooting happens at night.. wild pigs, coyotes, ‘coons, armadillos, etc.. The pigs are not bothered by the green light, I’ve got the green on my pig guns, but lately, we’ve been seeing more coyotes, who do seem to see the green. From what I read, the red version is best for coyotes, so I bought one. By the way, if you already have one, you can just unscrew the top part of the light and interchange it to the body that you already have mounted, rather than remounting the entire assembly each time. Anyway, first night I used the red light, using a 3×9 Luepold scope, at 80 yards, I couldn’t tell if the critter was a fox or coon. Foxes and bobcats are safe on our property, Id rather shoot them with a Nikon than a Ruger. I need to be 100% sure of what I’m shooting, and the red light isn’t strong enough at 80 yards to be sure. The green lights, though, are really bright, and and I can be 100% sure to around 160 yards on what the varmint is, and on my 40 acre property, I won’t be taking much longer shots than that at night. So, love the green version.. like the red version.. but glad I have both. Too bad they can’t raise the price just a little and include the red and green in one purchase, instead of making you buy both separately.

Fantastic hunting light. 4 brightness settings from dim to very bright. Size is not too big and i like that it uses the long lasting rechargable 18650 batteries. Turn the bezal all the way tight and it comes on at full brightness. Loosen just a little and you can click thru from dim to full brightness. It comes with plenty of accessories to mount it the way you want. I had the extream wilderness 100 yard light before and this 273yrd light i like much better for about the same money.

This light works perfect. I received my light on Thursday 9/17/15. and I killed a 225lbs boar with it at 150yds and could easily see the hog. I killed the hog at 2:30am. I had the light on high power since 10:30pm. The battery still had plenty of power left. IMO you cant go wrong with this light. I do believe that the quality of scope matters on how far you will be able to see clearly.

I gave only 2 stars because I bought two lights and the battery would not charge in either unit. Either the batteries or the chargers from this seller were faulty. Now I am waiting for new batteries and charger ($45) I purchased somewhere else before I can start hunting. If you buy from Lumen Tactical be prepared to email back an forth for about two weeks and then spend your own money for decent batteries and chargers.

I rarely put mine on my scope, too tempting to shoot a deer during darkness, but I do use it for spotting and walking in the woods in the dark and it is a great light that really brightens things up. 273 yards is a stretch though even on full charge but 150-200 yards you can see pretty good. Its also nice to have when it’s dark to see what the heck is rustling around the woods when your hunting. I was able to spot and track at least 6 deer when it was dark and they never knew I was there. Great light.

Awesome light, took it on a youth pig hunt. The other guys had a different brand. Mine was small diameter and easier to attach to a scope or use as a hand held unit. Mine was also brighter. 300,000 Lum’s vs. the other lights at 250,000. Yes that extra 50,000 made a difference. Great light for walking to and from your stand without​alerting everything in the woods. While in the stand, I lit up a doe, coons, pigs and yotee, no where spooked by the light.

Amazing! Epic performance. I absolutely love this light. It performs outstandingly. Many varmints have been taken with mine. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. These lights’ business is killin’, and business is good!

Nice light. Although a tad heavy for a cap light…I drilled 6 holes in an old baseball hat and shoe laced it in to bill, for a cap light, when not used for hunting…down at the ranch. I use it 100 times for other things…for every 1 time I use hunting. Very bright!

My friends bought more expansive ones than this one, but I chose the Orion H30-G, but when my friends and I were hog hunting they were more impressed with the distance and brightness of my light compared to theirs.
You wont be disappointed if you buy it.

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