The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is a decent over-ear sound for most applications with a unique bass control that enhances the already bass-heavy sound. They have the best workmanship and design of all Skullcandy headphones we’ve tested so far. They are also easy to use, have excellent battery life and sound pretty decent if you do not use the slider. Unfortunately, the bass is a bit too much for most, especially when you use the slider. They also do not block much noise and are a bit too tight on the head, which is sometimes a bit uncomfortable.


The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless has a cool and modern design that can compete with more expensive headsets. They have a decent long-lasting build quality that feels much more robust and looks much better than the original cable breaker. They even look and feel better than the Hesh 3, which have a similar design but were later released as the Crusher Wireless. They are easy to use and have a clear and attractive control scheme. They are also tight enough to be a stable option for occasional jogging or training, although they are not the ideal sports headphones due to their low breathability and the somewhat over-the-top over-the-ear design. Unfortunately, the tight fit makes it a bit uncomfortable for longer listening sessions, which can be a deal breaker for some listeners.


The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is a decently sounding closed over-ear headphone. They have a deep, expansive and powerful bass, a balanced mid-range and a well-balanced treble range. Their bass, however, is quite overwhelming, which could drown out the vocals and lead instruments. It’s also pretty loose, slow and inconsistent across multiple users and repositions itself. In addition, their mid-range is reset, resulting in under-emphasized vocals and lead instruments, and in their highs lack some detail and presence. Compared to the original Crusher they have a much heavier bass and a slightly more balanced sound overall.


The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless offers only passive isolation against ambient noise. They form a pretty good seal around your ears that prevents some of the higher frequency noise from entering your audio. However, the lack of a noise suppression function means that they are unable to block the lower frequencies, e.g. As the rumbling of a motor or the surrounding chatter of a busy road. You can mask some ambient noise by listening to your music at a high volume. However, these can distract the people in your area a bit, as they lick something even at above average volume levels, especially if you turn the bass knob all the way up.


The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless has an average microphone. In quiet environments, the voice recorded or transmitted with this microphone sounds relatively thin, noticeably muted and without details. In noisy situations, it is possible to separate speech from background noise in moderately loud environments such as a busy street. But it will have to fight in louder places like a subway station.

Active Features

The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless has excellent battery life, but no app for additional customization options. You have approximately 36 hours of uninterrupted playback when the bass control is set to the lowest setting and only about 2.4 hours are required for a full charge. This means that the battery is seldom empty and in the worst case you can use it passively or plug it in for 10 minutes to get more than 2 hours of play time thanks to the fast charge function. Unfortunately, they do not turn off automatically during inactivity, which would have improved battery performance. They also lack a good companion app that would have made it more customizable for different listeners.


Like the Hesh 3, the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is a Bluetooth headset that does not support simultaneous pairing of devices or NFCs. On the other hand, a regular audio cable comes with a compatible inline microphone for consoles or PCs. They also have a good wireless range that makes them suitable for most applications, and their latency performance is relatively good for a Bluetooth headset without low-latency codecs. Unfortunately, it will still take a bit too long to be the best option for watching movies or games, as latency is very important for these use cases.


Mixed Usage

Average mixed headphones. The Crusher Wireless has excellent battery life and a decent but overly bassy sound. They also have better build quality than any other Skullcandy headphones tested so far and are relatively easy to use. Unfortunately, they are pretty tight with larger heads and do not block enough noise for very noisy environments like commuters and travelers. Like most Bluetooth headsets, they also have a bit too much latency to watch many video content and games.

Critical Listening

Decent for critical listening. The Crushers Wireless have a bass-heavy sound profile that sounds exciting to some but slightly drowns out the instruments and vocals in the middle and high ranges. However, unlike Hesh 3, they also have a bass control that lets you adjust the volume of dull beats and rumble. At maximum settings, they get a ridiculous amount of bass that rattles and shakes their headphones and makes them virtually useless for fans of really bass-heavy music. They are not the ideal choice for more critical listeners, and they do not have the soundstage of open ears, but if you’re a fan of the bass, you should look at the crushers just to know your limit.


Average for commuting. They are easy to use and decently portable. They also have a long battery life for road trips and flights, but unfortunately they do not block much noise, so they are not ideal if you have a very noisy commuter traffic.


Decent for the sport. They are relatively light and close enough to stay upside down while jogging. Due to their good radio range, they are also suitable for most activities. However, they are quite warm due to their poor breathability and are still a bit cumbersome, so they are not the ideal choice for more intense workout routines.

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