The Sony WI-1000X are versatile headphones for everyday recreational use. They offer a good ANC function that shields a lot of noise, making them a good choice for daily commuting. They also have a better feel than other similarly designed headphones we’ve tested so far, and offer many tips to help you find the best fit. Unfortunately, they have too much latency to watch video content, and they lack a bit of bass. Overall, however, they are good headphones with countless customization options in the compatible app.


The Sony WI-1000X is a well-built, all-round headset that’s easy to fit thanks to one of the seven top options. They feel a bit more upscale than other around-the-neck pairs we’ve tested so far. Unfortunately, the neckband is rather stiff and can not be converted into a portable format like the Jabra Elite 65e (you will find the best neckband headphones in our recommendations). On the other hand, they are stable for most sports and, surprisingly, they are also supplied with a 1/8 “TRS audio cable to use the headphones when the battery is empty.


The Sony WI-1000X is a decently sounding closed in-ear headphone. They have a well-extended, even and balanced bass, a very good and even midrange and a good treble range. However, their upper bass / lower mids sound a bit muddy and cluttered, and the highs can be sharp and penetrating in S and T sounds, though not all users may perceive the sharp highs as intense. Overall, these headphones are a great choice for a variety of genres, from bass-heavy to vocal-oriented, and even if you do not find the bass heavy enough, you can add some bass to your EQ with their app.


The Sony WI-1000X are active in-ear noise cancelers with good isolation performance. They isolate a large amount of lower frequencies such as engine noise, which is great for commuting. They also do not leak much, so you can increase the listening volume to mask more ambient noise, making them a great choice for both commuting and office use.


The microphone of the Sony WI-1000X is mediocre. In quiet environments, the voice recorded or transmitted with this microphone sounds relatively thin, noticeably muted, and has no details. It can also tend to pop and rumble. In noisy situations, it will be difficult to separate speech from ambient noise, even in moderately loud environments, such as a busy street.

Active Features

The Sony WI-1000X has decent battery life and is compatible with a great companion app. They last about 10 hours with a charge while the ANC is on. However, your loading time is about 3 hours and is slightly above average. You also save power by switching to standby mode after a few minutes of inactivity. They are compatible with the Sony Headphones Connect app, which offers many customization options, such as EQ and ANC controls.


The Sony WI1000X are Bluetooth headphones with a great wireless range, which can also be used wired. This can be helpful if the battery is empty. However, like most Bluetooth headphones, they are too lax to be suitable for playing or watching videos. On the other hand, they should not have any latency issues when used with cabling. In addition, they can simultaneously connect to two devices, in addition to NFC, to simplify and speed up the pairing process.


Mixed Usage

Neat for mixed use. They feature adjustable active noise cancellation, which is useful for the office and commuting. The round-the-neck design is stable for the sport and the compatible app makes it easy to customize the sound to your liking. Unfortunately, the high latency is not suitable for watching TV and playing games.

Critical Listening

Their standard sound quality is decent and relatively flat. They lack a bit of bass and they can be bright with some S and T sounds. However, they are compatible with the Sony Headphones Connect app, which gives you various sound adjustment options, such as a parametric EQ. You should also be able to find a comfortable fit with one of the seven top options, but the in-ear fit may not be for everyone.


Good for commuting. They are ANC headphones and should block ambient noise during commuting. They’re comfortable for short trips, but the in-ear fit can be tiring for some, especially after long listening sessions like on a flight. They are easy to keep, but not the most portable design.


Suitable for sports. They are comfortable and stable enough for physical activity. You may not like the round neck design, but it is suitable for sports. The cables can get caught on garments, but this should not happen too often. The good battery life should last a few training sessions and you should not have any problems with the radio range if you keep your audio source with you.

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