Suede-Tex Flocking Fiber – Black – 1 LB BAG by Donjer

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Suede-Tex Flocking Fiber – Black – 1 LB BAG by Donjer Best Price:$24.89

Suede-Tex Flocking Fiber - Black - 1 LB BAG by Donjer

This product worked VERY well for reflocking our goose decoys.
We purchased 2 LBS of this color due to the amount of heads and back tail feathers that needed to be reflocked.
Even after finishing three doz. decoys. We still have enough to finish off 1 – 2 more doz.!
The color stands out very nice and made our decoys almost like new!! Especially after repainting the cheeks with a flat white. Make sure to find the paint to closely match the color of the flock with this item!!!

Worked great I did over 80 flocked heads and disn’t Even out a dent in it, worked perfect

Great quality material. Fibers are uniform in size with no clumping during application. Provided a very soft texture.

Great fiber for flocking goose heads. Have done two dozen mag and super mag heads and have half of it left to do more when I grt time

I searched for Nylon flocking this product appeared and didn’t clarify that this flocking is Rayon which does not work for outdoor environments. Please clarify description.

I bought this black flocking for reflocking the heads on my Canada goose decoys. It works but it is definitely not as black as the original flocking.

Needed to finish my bandsaw boxes.

Works as per design.

This forms a very thin layer of flocking. Don’t expect it to provide any sort of protection from a hard surface, like if used on the bottom of a vase. I couldn’t get a uniform look on a transparent surface and it sheds.

Work and Looks Great

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