Twinkle Star Gutter Cleaner Attachment for Pressure Washer, Coupled with 1/4″ Brass Quick Coupler x 1/4″ Plug, 4000 PSI, TWIS339

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Twinkle Star Gutter Cleaner Attachment for Pressure Washer, Coupled with 1/4" Brass Quick Coupler x 1/4" Plug, 4000 PSI, TWIS339 Best Price:$7.99

Twinkle Star Gutter Cleaner Attachment for Pressure Washer, Coupled with 1/4

As another reviewer mentioned, sometimes this product does not start off rotating as it should, instead shooting out a laser beam equivalent of the deadly "red" tip. If you trust it to begin rotating and it doesn’t, THIS could happen:
Or, of gouging a trough into your redwood deck isn’t enough to irritate you . . . you could just amputate a toe or two. For what it’s worth, this "non-rotation" happened in the first 5 minutes of use, and it rarely did it again over the next two hours, but occasionally it would. I’d have given this five stars, but to the degree it presents the danger of damage or injury, taking off one star only just didn’t seem sufficient.

So I got this for my SunJoe 2030PSI electric pressure wer washer. It certainly does a decent job of cleaning, but you do have to move the lance kind of slow to make sure that the spray doesn’t leave clean circle marks.

The reason I can’t give this a perfect score is because both my 0 and 15 degree nozzles do have more cleaning power. However, that may also be because of the orifice is bigger on the turbo nozzle and would work better on a 3-4,000 PSI washer.

Still, even with the 15 degree nozzle I have to hold it about 4 inches from the surface to really get the deeper grime out, and that is just not worth the time, so the turbo nozzle does a good job for light to moderate grime. Black mildew, it does have a little trouble with on concrete and you do need to hold it much closer to really put a dent in it (again, 0 and 15 degree will take care of that, but with how narrow the spray is, it’s just not worth the time)

I got the package on time. Used it with a Karcher 3000psi. At the beginning it did not spin, then all of sudden started spinning, I said great it work.
After 1-2 minutes I stopped using it, because I had to move the pressure washer, then again, it did not want to spin, then all of sudden it started rotating, mmm. this is weird, I thought maybe it was normal. I used it for another 5 minutes without any issue. I stopped the pressure washer again to move it, then after 10 minutes, the turbo nozzle did not want to spin anymore. It is going back to the seller, and hopefully I can get my refund.

I have a 3000 psi washer. It just cuts loose paint and dirt. Be careful on wood. Don’t use on vehicle paint, it is that aggressive. Don’t use on paint if you want it to stay painted, it will find any loose spot and peel it I love it, but use with care. It will cut skin too. I used it to clean loose concrete that had spalled and it did a great job. My buddy cut 1/2 an inch of old grease off of gear boxes and raved about it. It did better that his 4000 psi washer did. I think I will have to pry it out of his hands.

The product was better made than I anticipated given the price. It arrived promptly and in good condition. It is well made and gets the job done. As other reviewers have mentioned, be prepared to get wet. When ordering, check the couplings on your pressure washer to make sure it fits. I would also recommend the wand to extend your reach. It worked well with mine. I would recommend this product.

 This was absolutely worthless. Unfortunately, my schedule did not allow me to use this for over a month after I purchased it, or I would return it. The stream is supposed to rotate consistently, but it freezes, as you can see from the video.

I paid for a nozzle with a 1/4″ quick connect plug. What a got was a nozzle with a screw hole; no quick connect plug. I hate to return merchandise! Since a had two washer pressure trigger shafts, I unscrewed the tip head of one of them to adapt the turbo nozzle, and it fit well. What that means is that, in case I would want to use other tips with that shaft, I have to unscrew the turbo nozzle and screw the tip head back.

When I attached it to my power washer, it leaked. It was not enough to make it useless, but left my soaked as I tried to do some cleaning. I put up with it, seeing how it was priced much lower than my local hardware store had a similar product, but it would be nice to stay a little drier while I do my projects.

I am having to return this item because the 1/4" adapter recepticle spews water both at the adapter entry and above the brass fitting. I don’t know if I got a bad one or not. Had to clean gutters without it so maybe try again later.

Wow, works better than expected! You can do some damage with this if your not careful. At first it didn’t appear that powerful until I tested it on some wood. Then, even at low idle keeping my distance I noticed I was damaging the wood. Worked great on concrete etc.

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