Beats Studio 3 Wireless HEADPHONES REVIEW

The Beats Studio 3 are above average for many applications. They have the same stylish and polished design as the previous Studio Wireless, but with improved noise reduction performance. Your audio and the ANC will automatically adapt to the listener and the environment, which is a good feature if done correctly but sometimes a bit inconsistent.


The Beats Studio 3 Wireless have the same, well-built and eye-catching, wireless studio wireless design. You have a slightly better control scheme that allows you to turn off noise cancellation. Apart from that, everything else is the same. They have a super-comfortable fit that’s just enough to keep you fit and run, though they’ll warm your ears a bit during exercise.


The Beats Studio 3 Wireless is a mid-range over-ear headphone with a closed back. They have a deep bass with sufficient beat and beat, good midrange and good highs that are somewhat veiled. Their bass, however, sounds a bit bombastic and their middle is cluttered and muddy, making vocals and lead instruments sound too thick. Like most other closed-back headphones, they do not have a big and fancy sound.


The Beats Studio 3 Wireless has an adaptive noise cancellation feature that is better than the Studio Wireless. It scales according to the noise level around you, making it suitable for commuting, although the fitting process is not always consistent. On the other hand, it should be good enough for most public transport. Since they hardly leak, you can increase the volume to mask ambient noise and noise.


The built-in microphone of the Beats Studio3 is mediocre. The recorded language sounds a bit thin and noticeably muted. You will also have difficulty separating the language from sounds in moderately loud environments, such as a busy street.

Active Features

The Beats Studio 3 have about twice the battery life as the original Studio Wireless, which is likely to survive the whole day. In the worst case, with a fast charging time of 10 minutes, you can play for about 3 hours, which is great if you forget to charge it overnight. However, like most of Apple’s new Beats headphones, they have the W1 chip, which offers some additional features for iOS. Unfortunately, it is not a fully functional app, so you will not get any customization options like EQ or space effects. As a result, these headphones are less optimized for Android users.


The Beats Studio 3 Wireless connect wirelessly via Bluetooth and also come with an iOS audio cable with an inline mic that is compatible with the PS4 but not the Xbox One. On the upside, the addition of the W1 chip almost doubles the wireless range of the original studio wireless, which makes them one of the furthest reaching wireless headphones we’ve measured at approximately 300ft in direct line of sight. Unfortunately, the new adaptive sound processing adds a bit more latency, so they’re a bit less suitable for watching videos than the previous model.


Mixed Usage

The Beats Studio 3 are above-average mixed headphones. They look great and have an easy-to-use design that provides good control and a comfortable fit. The noise reduction is much better than the original Studio Wireless, although it can sometimes be somewhat inconsistent. This also applies to the adaptable, but not so balanced sound quality of the Solo 3.

Critical Listening

Above average for critical listening. They have an audio that adapts to each listener. On average, however, the Studio 3 has a bit more bass and lower mids than the original Studio Wireless. This gives them less drumming and rumble and a slightly muddy sound quality. They are still balanced enough to satisfy most listeners, but due to the slightly inconsistent audio and the poor soundscape due to their closed design, they are not ideal for critical listeners.


Above average for commuting. The noise cancellation is strong enough for public transport and they are sufficiently comfortable and easy to use. The Beats Studio 3 are also a bit more portable, but they are not as easy to carry as the Solo3 or BeatsX


Above average for sports. They are comfortable and strong enough to work with. You’re also wireless with a long range, so you can leave your phone on a bench while you walk or have a fixed Bluetooth source like a PC when you’re in the gym. Your ears, however, after a good 30 minutes of training a bit warm and sweaty. If you need a sportier headset and look like the Beats’ design, check out the Powerbeats 3 Wireless.

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