SoundPeats TrueFree / True Wireless HEADPHONES REVIEW

The SoundPEATS True Wireless are a neat, wireless in-ear combination. They offer great performance at an affordable price. These in-ears are quite comfortable, isolating a fair amount of ambient noise, making them quite versatile for commuters and the office. Their sound signature may be better for bass-heavy music, but most users will be satisfied with it. Its small and compact design is easy to take along and is also stable for physical activity. Unfortunately, their pairing procedure is sometimes complicated and you may occasionally hear audio clips when using them. On the other hand, they are well-suited for budget headphones and should satisfy most users.


The SoundPEATS TrueFree are well made headphones and surprisingly good for their price. These really wireless headphones are very lightweight and easy to carry. They have a comfortable fit, but after a while they are exhausting and suitable for active people thanks to their wearable and breathable design. They have no stability fins, but a more expensive model for those who want them for the sport. Unfortunately, its case has no lid that does not protect the headphones.


The SoundPEATS True Wireless are average closed in-ear headphones. They have a deep and powerful bass, a great and even medium sound, but a mediocre level range. Their bass is also clumsy, which some people like, but unfortunately they are still a bit muddy, their middle class is set back slightly, they push vocals and other instruments at the back of the mix and their heights are missing some details and feel in some S and T sounds sharp. Overall, they are better suited for bass-heavy genres and may not be the ideal choice for vocal-oriented music.


The SoundPEATS TrueFree provide excellent insulation performance. Even if they do not have active noise canceling, they passively isolate background noise passively, especially if you can make a good deal with the included tips. They are a decent option for commuting or in the office, and since they hardly leak, you can cover more noise by raising your listening volume without disturbing the people around you.


The SoundPEATS True Wireless has a built-in microphone. In quiet environments, the recorded or transmitted voice with this microphone sounds relatively thin, noticeably muted and incomplete. In noisy situations, the microphone may have difficulty completely isolating speech from background noise, even in moderately loud environments, such as a busy street.

Active Features

The SoundPEATS True Wireless have a below-average battery life, as they only provide about 3 hours of playback when charged. Fortunately, the case holds about five charges to extend the life of the battery to an estimated 15 hours. Unfortunately, there is no companion app with customization options. However, this is common with budget headphones.


The SoundPEATS TrueFree is a wireless headphone that can not be wired. You have an amazing wireless range and you can get even better results using Bluetooth 5.0 as the source. Unfortunately, they can not be connected as a stereo headset to two devices simultaneously. This would be helpful if you want to switch between the phone and the computer. Your pairing process is easy to follow but may take some time to function properly as we have made some attempts to connect the left earphone to the right earphone. Your latency is too high for most video content and games. On the other hand, the case serves as a charging station, which allows you an extra battery life.


Mixed Usage

Decent for mixed use. Their sound quality may not be the best for critical listening, as they sound clumsy and bombastic, which is more appropriate for bass-heavy genres. On the other hand, their truly wireless design is very portable and the in-ear fit is well-suited to isolating ambient noise, making it an above-average choice for commuters and the office. They are also stable without stability fins and breathable for the sport. Unfortunately, their Bluetooth connection is longer than the average latency and they are not suitable for watching TV and playing games.

Critical Listening

Average for critical listening. The SoundPEATS True Wireless have a deep and powerful bass, a great and even medium, but a mediocre level range. Their bass is clumsy and a bit squishy muddy, the middle section is set back slightly, pushes vocals and other instruments into the background of the mix and their highs are missing some details and are somewhat uneven for S and T sounds. These headphones are better for bass-heavy music. Unfortunately, there is no app that lets you customize the sound to your liking, and in-ear customization is not comfortable enough for long listening sessions.


Above average for commuting and traveling. They are very portable headphones and easy to carry, but the in-ear seat is not ideal for long flights. However, you should not have any problems on short metro or bus trips. They have a short battery life in a single charge, but their case gives you about 12 hours of additional charging.


Great for sports. Its small design is ideal for active people who do not want big and bulky headphones. They hold no heat in the ears and do not occur during physical activity. For some, the sound profile is ideal for the sport due to the added punch and rumble of the bass.

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